As experts in hiring hourly employees, Mindfield understands the challenges of getting the right people in the right jobs at the right time. Hourly employers are fast-paced businesses, constantly responding to demand. Hourly employees are often the face of your business, driving customer experiences and with the power to help make or break sales.

Covid-19 has only increased the challenges for hiring managers.

Many hourly employees have been laid off or furloughed—and the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB), intended as a safety net for workers, has created labour shortages, even as many businesses need to staff up.

As reported by the National Post, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) says that a third of its members are struggling to find staff, due to a combination of continued fears around the ongoing pandemic coupled with the ability to rely on CERB.

And as businesses do reopen, they face new restrictions and regulations have changed their everyday operations. As managers move fast to adapt to new realities, it’s more vital than ever to reduce the roadblocks that keep hiring managers from finding the employees they need.

Hiring Matters

As anyone who has ever managed a busy retail store or bustling restaurant knows, poor employees can cost your business—fast. Customer complaints, damaged inventory, and even employee theft can all hit your bottom line.

While there are many job seekers looking for hourly work, finding someone who is the right match for your business isn’t easy. And when the fit isn’t there employee turnover rates rocket.

Hiring managers often shoulder the responsibility for hiring hourly employees in order to staff up their locations. But now, more than ever, it’s vital that managers have the time to spend on their core business: adapting to new ways of working, training staff, and playing a vital role in Canada’s economic recovery.

At Mindfield we wanted to understand how hourly hiring managers navigate their already busy roles while also hiring employees. 235 Canadian hiring managers participated in our survey where we asked hiring managers to walk us through the process start to finish: from where they found applicants to how satisfied with their workforce they were.

Swamped by resumes, short on results

The results of the survey are outlined in our new report, Hiring 2020 . Hiring managers must navigate multiple hiring roadblocks, as they struggle to manage a time-consuming hiring process that leads to uncertain or sometimes undesirable results.

One in four managers reported working through 75 or more resumes, per job posting. While a large applicant pool might sound desirable, one in three managers told us that less than 20% of the applications they received were from people who were actually qualified for the role. Wading through large numbers of resumes requires large amounts of time—with little guarantee that you’ll end up with someone you feel comfortable hiring at the end of the process.

On average, hiring managers spend seven hours filling every open role: almost a full working day lost, every time a new employee needs to be hired. In industries where turnover is high and managers are frequently hiring for multiple roles across various locations this time can quickly add up. And a sizeable portion of hiring managers (29%) told us that they were spending in excess of ten hours to fill vacant positions.

Perhaps the investment of a hiring manager’s time away from managing operations would be justified if the result was an outstanding workforce. Worryingly, 45% of hiring managers reported that a quarter or more of their current workforce was failing to meet expectations. 22% said that more than half of their employees were in this category.

Mindfield’s solution

Hiring managers play a vital role. They train and coach staff. They oversee operations. The develop strategies to boost revenue. They forge strong teams and manage customer relationships. And, in the current crisis, they have worked hard to keep businesses going and adapt to new realities.

And of course, hiring managers find and develop great team members. Hiring managers know their business and staffing needs inside out.

At Mindfield, we understand both the roadblocks hiring managers face and the opportunities that a better approach to hiring can offer. We want to make hiring easy for hiring managers: less time consuming, less uncertain, and more likely to match you with team members that are exceptional, rather than barely acceptable.

That’s why we’ve developed a hiring solution specifically designed for hiring managers.

Our Hiring Manager Portal offers:

  • A community of more than four million pre-screened Canadian job-seekers so that hiring managers no longer have to wade through dozens of resumes from unqualified candidates
  • Access to world-class, easy-to-use technology that makes a hiring manager’s life easier
  • Mindfield’s deep knowledge of the Canadian hourly employee market and our data-driven approach to hiring—so that hiring managers can deal with concrete probabilities, rather than posting and praying for a good result
  • A no-contract, pay-as-you-go solution that’s ready to go as and when hiring managers need it

Download Hiring 2020 for more insights on the Canadian hourly hiring market

Read the full report for more insights into the roadblocks hiring managers face in filling hourly roles.

And if you’re ready to start hiring without the hassle, sign up for your free Hiring Manager Portal job account.

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